XIX International Chess Festival
Konik Morski Rewala 2014

Seahorse of Rewal 2014

18.08.2014 - 29.08.2014 - REWAL (Poland)

Side events

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

29.08.2014r. there was Closing Ceremony of the Festival

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Armwrestling tournament

27.08.2014r. there was Armwrestling tournament

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Chess Lesson

26.08.2014r. there was Chess Lesson with with Polish Federation Chess Academy coach Marian Twardoń

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Blitz Chess

24.08.2014r. there was Blitz Chess tournament

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Rapid Chess

Rapid Chess

24.08.2014r. there was Rapid Chess tournament

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Fischer Chess

23.08.2014r. there was Fischer Chess tournament (P-10)

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22.08.2014r. there was simultain with with world champion under 18 WGM/IM Ziaziulkina Nastassia

Zarubitski Viachaslau won with the master.


  • Bury Yahor
  • Powałka Michał

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Polgar Chess

21.08.2014r. there was Polgar Chess tournament (P-10, 7 rounds)

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Chess without age limits

On the picture below Michał Ostrowski (87 years old), the oldest festival player and Weronika Śliwicka (6 years old), the youngest player

First time in whole festival history there was GM title gained. We congratulate Vitaly Sivuk from Ukraine!


Tournament A
Rewal Open (www.rewal.pl) International Open Tournament for players with FIDE ranking >= 2000 (the organizer can allow 10 % players without ELO)
Tournament B
Caissa Open (www.caissa.pl) International Tournament for players with ranking <= 2100
Tournament C
Open International Tournament of amateurs with rank to 1800
Tournament D
Juniors International Tournament - for children under 14 and under 10
Tournament E
International Chess Tournament Rapid P-15
Tournament F
International Chess Tournament Blitz P-3 +2s
Tournament G
International, Poland's biggest Tournament Fischer's Chess P-10

Time table of side events

21.08 (Thursday)

20:00 - World's biggest Polgar chess tournament - Polgar Chess Rules - 7 rounds, P-10, entry free, material prizes

22.08 (Friday)

20:00 - Chess simultan with world champion under 18 WGM/IM Ziaziulkina Nastassia, 20 boards

23.08 (Saturday)

20:00 - Poland's biggest Fischer chess tournament, 7 rounds P-10, 1st prize - 200zł

24.08 (Sunday)

9:30 - Active chess tournament P-15, 1st prize - 500zł

19:00 - Blitz chess tournament P-3'+2", 1st prize - 300zł

25.08 (monday)

20:00 - Bughouse Chess Tournament - entry free, material prizes

26.08 (tuesday)

20:00 - Chess Lesson with Polish Federation Chess Academy coach Marian Twardoń

27.08 (wednesday)

20:00 - Chess Party: music, one and only armwrestling tournament for chess players in mens and womens categories (location: Pizzeria "Pub Kulfon", Klifowa Street 4)

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