XIX International Chess Festival
Konik Morski Rewala 2014

Seahorse of Rewal 2014

18.08.2014 - 29.08.2014 - REWAL (Poland)


Tournament A
Rewal Open (www.rewal.pl) International Open Tournament for players with FIDE ranking >= 2000 (the organizer can allow 10 % players without ELO)
Tournament B
Gold Chess Open (www.goldchess.com) International Tournament for players with ranking <= 2100
Tournament C
Caissa Open (www.caissa.pl) International Tournament of amateurs with rank to 1800
Tournament D
Juniors International Tournament - for children under 14 and under 10
Tournament E
International Chess Tournament Rapid P-15
Tournament F
International Chess Tournament Blitz P-5
Tournament G
International, Poland's biggest Tournament Fischer's Chess P-10

Side events

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

30.08.2013r. there was Closing Ceremony of the Festival

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GoldChess tournament

29.08.2013r. there was sponsored GoldChess tournament - solving using computers

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Night Blitz

Night Blitz Chess

28.08.2013r. there was Night Blitz Chess tournament

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Armwrestling tournament

28.08.2013r. there was Armwrestling tournament

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26.08.2013r. there was tournament of logic games made by Marek Łukaszewicz

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Blitz Chess

25.08.2013r. there was Blitz Chess tournament

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Rapid Chess

Rapid Chess

25.08.2013r. there was Rapid Chess tournament

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Chess Lesson

24.08.2013r. there was Chess Lesson with IM Witalis Sapis

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24.08.2013r. there was simultain with IM Marcin Tazbir

Zarubitski Viachaslau won with the master.


  • Bury Yahor
  • Powałka Michał

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Fischer Chess

23.08.2013r. there was Fischer Chess tournament (P-10)

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Polgar Chess

22.08.2013r. there was Polgar Chess tournament (P-10, 7 rounds)

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Time table

22.08 (Thursday)

20:00 - World's biggest Polgar chess tournament - Polgar Chess Rules - 7 rounds, P-10, entry free, material prizes

23.08 (Friday)

20:00 - Poland's biggest Fischer chess tournament, 7 rounds P-10, 1st prize - 200zł

24.08 (Saturday)

20:15 - Chess simultan with IM Marcin Tazbir, 20 boards

25.08 (Sunday)

9:30 - Active chess tournament P-15, 1st prize - 500zł

19:00 - Blitz chess tournament P-5, 1st prize - 300zł

26.08 (monday)

20:00 - Bughouse Chess Tournament - entry free, material prizes

20:00 - logic games by Marek Łukaszewicz show

27.08 (tuesday)

20:00 - Second in history tournament of logic games by Marek Łukaszewicz (Basileus, Nubulus, Prosterno) - entry free, material prizes

20:00 - Chess Lesson with IM Witalis Sapis

28.08 (wednesday)

20:00 - Chess Party: music, one and only armwrestling tournament for chess players in mens and womens categories, night blitz (location: Pizzeria "Pub Kulfon", Klifowa Street 4)

29.08 (thursday)

20:00 - Chess Elite - GoldChess.com sponsored contest

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